lørdag den 3. november 2012


Today I attended a Japanese sweets workshop, my first by Ulla Conrad.
To begin with, there was a lecture on Japanese The cerimonier and then a small workshop where we shaped the already cooked bean mass. The sweets ended up a little larger and less elegangt than the ones I have seen, but it tasted really nice.

For the event I used my faily new polyester kimono, since I do not have enough confidence in myself to wear a silk kimono for something, such as this event.

My collar keep sliding

fredag den 2. november 2012


Going out tomorrow for a workshop, for making Japanese sweet`s
Choosing tabi and zori.....

No. 1

søndag den 21. oktober 2012

It is possible, a obi to wide

So I tried my new Tsumugi  from Ichiroya at this Kimono Jack meetup.

I had made a new obi, and the obi-shin was much better than the other one I used for the Pool obi, this one was a medium thickness, from Kimono Poncho  real nice.

I made the obi a little wider than the others I have, but I forgot when I put it on, I also widen it there, so all together it became a little tooo wide.

The obi dome is a swan made of dark plastic

søndag den 14. oktober 2012

Uroko print

I attended a printing class today, what a pleasure : D and much more difficult to get the same colour expression, than I remember.

the fabric is going to be full printed, with a triangle here and there with out colour. The fabric is a Silk Tsumugi bolt and of cause for a kimono.

fredag den 21. september 2012

A small kimono challenge #7

Inspired by the this blog and several other blogges I have taken up this challenge too.

Here is the challenge/things to do:
Requirement: at least one pic or video in every post...!

1. How did I hear about kimonos& first kitsuke toughts and stuff

2. My dearest kimono item(s)
3. My most used kimono item(s) (not counting jubans, datejimes etc.)
4. My least used kimono item(s)
5. My favourite coordination(s) so far
6. What things I like and what not in kimonos(&why)
7. Kimono confessions. Did you know that...
8. The massive want-to-buy-list(or in this situation what-I-would-like-to-buy-but-don't-have-enought-money-or-any-occassion-to-wear-it-list)
9. My biggest fears&wishes what comes to kimonos
10. My biggest inspirations in kimonos
11. My kimono collection
12. The evolution of my kitsuke

Did you know that?
I own more than forty  kimonos and I can only fit maybe six properly, that I have more than sixty obi`s there most is too short for me, I have more kimonos ans accessories than normal clothes...

Why? every time I buy something new, I love the pattern, colour, weave ect. and I think I will make it into something else, but when the kimono arrives I can`t cut it...

lørdag den 8. september 2012

Sewing projekt

I have adored a kimono from Minä Perhonen, (Kimono Hime vol. 3)
So now I am making my own directly inspired by it.

Mine is going to be made of a wool Tsumugi bolt, here is the design.

 I have stitched the pieces loosely together, cheating a bit, but it makes it very easy to end the pattern in the right places.
And I know this is not the "right" way to embroider but the point is to make something I like : D

So I have allmost finish it, and yet I am so far away.
In one way or another, I have mis judged where the embroidery was to be placed, I do not understand it, I measured several times, held it up in front of me, looked after in the mirror where to place embroidery, before I made ​​kimono.

So now the kimono it's almost done, but the embroidery is placed to high. 

My solution so far, is to insert a piece of cloth in the middle, so the lower part of the kimono comes further down,and then stich the bottom up.

This is where it is placed now

This is there it should be placed

New Tsumugi

I have just bought this lovely Tsumugi  from Ichiroya and it is 170cm long and 138 sleeve to sleeve. Subtle yet contemporary (in my opinion),  feel very lucky.

I have also got this one from Shinei
Love the pattern that is made from negative to positive.

onsdag den 22. august 2012

Kimono shop at Genki

I have sold my mixed boxes of kimonos a got a looot of space - what a relief - I can breathe again..

My stand was a the local cosplay event Genki, and I am stunned how well organized it was, it was really a nice experiment.

My fine little shop, my studens had made signs for me  :D

Used my bird obi to mach the signs of my studens

Good that others took some pix one of the days, because I forgot.

torsdag den 16. august 2012

Sample 2 - Modern pop kai

Here is my Modern Pop Kai tryout.

Only one of the outfit is going to have a hat, but I cant deside....
My favourite at the moment is the yellow hat

søndag den 12. august 2012

Big sale

In February I bought some big mixed boxes on YAJ I just had to try, and then I was going to sell it at the Japanese Festival until I found out how much a stand cost.

Now since the Festival it cancelled, I have a change to sell it Genki (Cosplay - con) in Denmark, there I got a stand yesterday.

To get an overview, I have unpacked it, have taken measurements, put product numbers and pricetags on, and ant it nice : )

There was 5 Jubans I myself could fit, four normal and one ro, that was more than expected.
From the box with Jubans

 In the lot there there also this mens "kimono" or something, it is pure white, with padded hems I dont know what it is fore..?

I also have these two kimono`s purple with big crest, red lining, padded hems and there is a lot of dust in them, that smells like powder. ceremonial/theatre??

lørdag den 11. august 2012

Sample 1 - Koakuma Ageha

The Japan Festival have been cancelled a few days ago, so therefore our show is cancelled to, so I have decided that I will dress my Gine, in all the outfitt`s one by one...

This is my Koakuma Ageha versions, maybe a little to nice... hmmm

I have some props for it too and decorated nails ; D





 I by the way made this Tsukuri obi

lørdag den 4. august 2012


I have been searching the danish online fleamarkets for accessories to use in the upcoming kimonoshow, and I must say I feel lucky, greats finds for reasonable prices.