tirsdag den 2. maj 2017

Sakura Festival kimono show 2017

So the annual kimono show is over, this year was a little bigger than the other years, since it is there 10 years anniversary.

I wore a light green houmongi kimono.... 
For pix of the show:

After 5 hours and dressing four people ;)

lørdag den 21. januar 2017

Sake ceremony

National Gallery of Art in Denmark and the Japanese Embassy
The occasion was the opening of their new exhibition Japanomania and the 150 years anniversary of official diplomatic relations between Japan and Denmark.

We were, among others, helpers on stage at the Sake ceremony. It was held on stage, with the invited "important" danish and Japanese persons.

A long day, left at 9 AM home at 10 PM (well for me )
My kisuke survived the dressing of others... almost. But I hope that I in the future, will be quicker to dress myself, so I dare to dress my self at last, instead of first.