søndag den 12. august 2012

Big sale

In February I bought some big mixed boxes on YAJ I just had to try, and then I was going to sell it at the Japanese Festival until I found out how much a stand cost.

Now since the Festival it cancelled, I have a change to sell it Genki (Cosplay - con) in Denmark, there I got a stand yesterday.

To get an overview, I have unpacked it, have taken measurements, put product numbers and pricetags on, and ant it nice : )

There was 5 Jubans I myself could fit, four normal and one ro, that was more than expected.
From the box with Jubans

 In the lot there there also this mens "kimono" or something, it is pure white, with padded hems I dont know what it is fore..?

I also have these two kimono`s purple with big crest, red lining, padded hems and there is a lot of dust in them, that smells like powder. ceremonial/theatre??

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