mandag den 29. april 2013

Kimono Show - Sakura Festival 2013

So it is over, so fast...

It was a pleasent day, a lot of work, but it was worth it.
I got so much help all the way, it was a pleasure..

Here is a picture from the day.

The hole group

Here is picture of my kimono set what was in the show, it was a joy to see them in action.

fredag den 26. april 2013

Making ready for kimonoshow

So the show is on sunday.

Exercising musubi.

I have not taken picture of them all, but I took of this one, since it was my very first try, I am not goin to use this type though.

This one I have made so many times, now...

And a looot of preparing, ironing, sewing, etc.
It's amazing how long it takes


torsdag den 11. april 2013

The second try - Kanzashi

So I had my second try, the petals is more shaped and equally, and I'm down to 6, my goal is 5.

tirsdag den 9. april 2013

New Han-eri, 13 at a time, feel very lucky

Won this, 13 haneri some time ago for only 2500 yen, and today they arrived : D

They are so nice, and the color is way better than in the pictures, also compaired to the ones I have taken now.

3 is used and 10 is new.

søndag den 7. april 2013

My first Kanzashi

My first Kanzashi ..... : D

It has many opportunities for improvement, but I had not really expected that it would be so nice, you can actually see what it should be.

torsdag den 4. april 2013

So it arrived

So my new Fukuro obi arrived, and it is as nice as I hoped : D

I have here tried it with my kurosomestode, and I like it.I'm a little unsure, if the obi is formal enough, it dose have a looot of silver, all over.
I have looked several competitions "those where the goal is to dress others" to see how far I can go with a color for a Fukuro to a kurosomestode.

This picture is with out accessories, and the traditionel flat obijme

mandag den 1. april 2013

New Fukuro

This one have two sides

Have yet to see this, but I am really looking forwar

Summer Fukuro
Nice but a little short, the color was a bit different, when it
got home. it is always difficoult to snap, metalic treads.
This was impulsive (mistake) buy, it is syntetic, but very long.

This one has a slightly lightred, colour all over.

Metalic, from dark green to purple, I hope...