søndag den 25. marts 2012

Sunday kitsuke

This Chuya I got quite a while ago, but it was much more dirty than expeted, so to give the Chuya a little justice for coming all the way to Denmark, I think I should use it at leased once, before I cut it up for something else,

The Bunko Musubi, never came out so nice as I wanted, after the fifth time I left it on, I'm pretty sure I have pulled the obiage through the wrong place. The chuya it self, is quite soft, so I guess this is not the perfeckt musubi for it`s kind.

I used this tutoriel which another blogger has been so kind, to put on her flickr accont.

lørdag den 24. marts 2012

From non usable to usable - rekonstrukting kimono

This blog has a post, about how to create new usable kimonos from old kimonos, old kimonos that can not be used any more.

I found it very inspiring hope you do to.

tirsdag den 20. marts 2012

Roman kimono, crepe

I just bought this lovely kimono, it is too small for me, but I could not resist the pattern.
I got it cheap, which also was one reason why I bought it.

Is it not just great : D

søndag den 18. marts 2012

New obi dome - almost

Found this fine ceramic butterfly, on a flea market yesterday, fits perfect as a obi dome, unfortunately, I dropped it on our stonetile floor, bad combination... but I think now I'll use it anyway.

lørdag den 10. marts 2012

Kimono Jack Kirsuke

So our first Kimono Jack in Denmark has ended, and we were 6 in total, 2 in kimono, and 4 supporters, thanks to all, read more on http://kimonojackdk.blogspot.com/

My outfit, almost lasted ; )
Typically this morning,, I wanted to wear another kimono, than planned. So I started to put together a new combination, this one... it is ok, but I think I could do a better version, than the one I did today.

The obi is an old Chuya, and way too small for me, so I cheated, I made only one lap around the torso, in stead of the normal two ones.
The Han-eri is ones again a former tablecloth, made this morning, seems to be a habit.
The Jacket is an old secondhand one, which almost fits a kimono, the sleeves are a bit to shorts.

This is after a bus tour, two traintours, two hours in a Cafe` and a cartrip.

The pink is the elastic band, which
has climbed up, I had unfortunately
noticed it.