torsdag den 23. februar 2012

Restoring Obijime

I have some time ago bought this bundle Obijime, a blend of unused to the very used.
Inspired by this blog  I have started to give it a caring hand.

Some just needed to be ironed, and trimmed at the ends...


Others were so dirty, that I took a chance and washed them, which in this case, went fine.

Hang to dry

Clean, dry and ironed

All tied up

tirsdag den 14. februar 2012

Altering kimonos #1

Now the first two kimono`s have been altered, only the width has changed, they are both wool/hitoe.
The han-eri `a is made of a secondhand tablecloth.
The obidome is a large wood/coatbutton, that I've saved a few years since, I think it is nice.



My new Tsukesage have arrived, here it reminds me of a childrens story called snow white and rose red

søndag den 5. februar 2012

Kimono Jack in Denmark

That we have a Danish Kimono Jack, fills me with joy, hoping to, with time, to gather a group of people, who wants to enjoy their kimonos, in each other's company.