torsdag den 17. december 2015

Trying the new fukuro obi

So here is the new fukuro obi in action.
It has a nice firmness and yet soft in its structure.
Musubi 1

Musubi 2

Full length

Here, the colors is the bedst

mandag den 14. december 2015

Practicing musubi for furisode

I have got this amazing Fukuro obi, by a very friendly woman, who bought for me and and brought it home from Japan, with her. The base is black with small white sparks, that makes it looks like dark grey.

But before I try it, I had to take a picture of my last musubi trials, the obi was a little too short for the musubi I had chosen, so I cheated with the lower double folding in the right.

I am also quite crazy with this Fukuro, but it is rather vulnerable in the part of the embroidery, as the threads very easily gets torn up.The colors is more intense than in the picture.

Shows the color a bit better

Noticed that I never postet this one, it was from a school workshop/parent day.

And this from another event...