lørdag den 29. januar 2011

Denim Kimono done

I'm done with my new denim kimono and I've probably been doing the body a little too big
When I cut the pieces I had a japanese lady in mind, 160 cm tall, slender, she almost disappear in a kimono and voila, the substance was folded, shaped and everything was so lovely. 
I do not yet know where all the ekstre fabric must go and both the expression and the impression was kind of stuffed

Mayby I`ll will take the lining  out.
Otherwhise i have got some exercise and i will hopefully do my first in silk very soon ; )

Update summer 2012
The  Fabric volume is still the same, but the shape is better.

søndag den 23. januar 2011

My first Kimono Kitsuke

Inspired by the images on www.immortalgeisha.com 
Now it was time, from being displayed on my wall to be in  use, my kimonos.

Harder than I thought after 2 hours, two small towels as padding, an Obi who continued to look like shii...   in spite of my desire for a perfect result, I stopped and enjoyed what I had achieved and I realize this gets better with practice over time ; )

From now on I will go for Kimonos fitting my size...

tirsdag den 11. januar 2011

Sewing my first kimono

In my desire to have a kimono which is long enough, I have now started to sew one myself, although I am an experienced seamstress and a kimono is simple in its construction, it is takeing me surprisingly long time and I have had several small surprises along the way - so as the collars slope, lining that stretched it selves
if others should go ahead with a projekt like this, there is at http://www.immortalgeisha.com/

A lot of shared knowledge : )

The fabrick, is a canvas weave
- summer denim

Decoration stritch, to hold stuff in its place, the brown one
- the rest is basting
It is 185cm long