lørdag den 30. april 2011

Easter kitsuke try out

Wannabe Easter Kitsuke, had thought that I would have time to extend this houmongi, was not even close to being realistic.
So here is the combi without me inside, the donuki
inside the houmongi are bigger and it shows, the Obi is a Nagoya so not quite as formal as the kimono, but I found the color matched so well.
Wish, a fukuro in shades of green without being too shining.

Cleaning Sale

In the trust what I have more than i need and will wear, I`ll be cleaning up and selling the pieces, that I in my obsession have purchased, more in excitement about them being cheap, than that I really wanted to own or enjoy them or maybe I`ll be shorter tomorrow.

See more under Sale in the menu... or on www.trendsales.dk

Komon kimono - Omeshi - avase
Nagoya Silk - silver

Walk in closet, allmost

Got this wonderfull handmade closet, what a joy to have space and room like this, only for my Kimono`s ect...

Sunday kitsuke

A tryout with my new stuff, I realy like that kimono and Obi...
The picture is taken some weeks ago, time just travels so fast sometime.