mandag den 18. marts 2013


Feel mighty lucky, I have got this iromuji, the fabric looks a bit shiny, but when it is 170 cm long and 142 cm sleeve to sleeve, then I can live with a some shiny fabric.

There was Zori with, but they are a bit bit small for me, unfortunately.

lørdag den 16. marts 2013

Collector for a girl ensemble

I am trying slowly to gather an ensemble of every formality and officiel stage in the life of kimono.

And here is the outer of my girl "almost " ensemble.

I been google the 3 years and the 7 years to reconice the different, and sometime it is not so easy.
Most kimono I see for 3 years old it listed as 92-98 cm mitake, and 132-135 cm mitake for 7 years old girls.

For eksampel I have this kimono ensemble:
The kimono is synthetic and 122 cm mitake
The zori is 20cm

When I look at it, I think small girl, but the zori fit a 7 years, so I am a little confused.

I have bought these two obi:

Then I have bought this one, Kimono 132 cm mitake.

Old child kimono, but to spottet to be worn

lørdag den 9. marts 2013

Seeking models for Sakura Festival Kimono Show 2013

Vi har fået nok modeller - We have enough models for now.

Kimono Club Denmark has been given the opportunity to arrange the kimono show at the Sakura Festival this year and we still a few models for the catwalk.

The show will be on Sunday the 28 of April at 14 pm. The place is Langelinie Park, Copenhagen.

If you need help to dress in kimono, you should expect to spend the moning too.

To participate, there are two possibilities:

  • You can participate in your own kimono or yukata, the show is classic so it must fit into this category, if you have doubt about your combination fit in, please ask. 
  • You can model wearing one of our kimono. We have only kimono or yukata for young women and women.

If you are interested or need more info please write to Sektita Rubeksen

Kimono Klub Danmark har fået muligheden for at arrangere kimono showet til Sakura Festival i år  og kan stadig bruge et par modeller til at gå catwalk. Stedet er Langelinie Park, København.

Showet vil være søndag den 28. april 2013 kl. 14
Hvis du skal have hjælp til at iklæde dig din kimono, så skal du regne med at bruge formiddagen inden.

For deltagelse er der to muligheder:

  • Du kan deltage i din egen kimono eller yukata, showet er klassisk så det skal passe ind i denne kategori, hvis du er i tvivl om din tiltænke combination gør det, så spørg endelig.
  • Du kan gå model iført en af vores kimono. Vi har kun kimono eller yukata til unge kvinder og kvinder.
Er du interesseret eller ønsker yderligere info så skriv til

Venligst på vegne af klubben  
Sekita Rubeksen