mandag den 29. august 2016

The latest weeks

So here is a collection from the latest weeks.

 At Senz Kimono Haori

Out and about
At Louisianna and Helsingborg

The Movie "UmimachiDiary" with Kimono Klub Danmark

Loreal and kimono models

lørdag den 25. juni 2016

Asian festival i Ålborg

Was in Ålborg, a week ago. As always I forgot to take pictures along the way.
Got a few pix before I left.

onsdag den 25. maj 2016

Exhibit and Japanese cultural festival in Farum

Some of my kimono and obi has been exhibited as part of a lager exhibition and event about Japan.
Its goin for 1 1/2 month, and started this weekend with a two days festival.

Lene Thomasen design

Lene Thomasen design

Lene Thomasen design

fredag den 13. maj 2016


Today I have been fortunate that I was allowed to dress a woman in her furisode, it is the best exercise I can get :)

fredag den 15. april 2016