lørdag den 3. maj 2014

Final one 146cm sleeve width :)

Trying my "new" for me shibori komon, 146cm sleeve to sleeve. What a wonderfull feeling

torsdag den 1. maj 2014

Sakura Festival 2014 - Kimono show

Again this year, I had several of my kimono at the Sakura festivalles kimono show, a pleasure to see them in action.

It was a looong weekend, but worth every minute 
To see more pictures from the show here

These were my kimono:

lørdag den 5. april 2014

Rainy day, trying new houmongi and summer komon

I got my new fukuro some days ago, I have yet to finish it, there is no obi-shin inside, and the ends are still open, but I like it very much, I would like a ligther obijime and flat with a little metalic.

Here is my new summer komon from Ichiroya I yet to remove the basting from long-term storage, my plan is to expand it, so the sleeve to sleeve length is increased, however I had to just try it, with a fake collar, think it will be really nice when it's finished.

Had to try my "new" geta, since I have not yet worn it, since I made them.


mandag den 31. marts 2014

First kitsuke in 10 months

Dressing at the the J-pop (cost play convention), I have time and an opportunity to dress in kimono :)

Lemon obiage ; )

onsdag den 19. marts 2014

Houmongi the first in my size

So here it is haning on my wall, my first Houmongi in my own size :D

Houmongi with Camelia

This is more the right color

I also bought three obi, one with roses, and two others...

søndag den 16. februar 2014

New summer kimono

After several considerations, I have purchased this fine summer kimono from Ichiroya
174cm long :D

lørdag den 25. januar 2014

First buy during 7 months

I've been in "kimono rehab'2, my first purchase after 7 months, for only 129 yen + fee `s and shipping.

It is fine, even if the condition is quite used.

After we moved, I got a new storage cabinet for kimono related stuff, unfortunately this is not all that can be in there, so I still have some in boxes.