lørdag den 23. juni 2012

Testing kimono combination for flyer

In August I am a part of a small kimono show, and for that we are going to have a flyer made. On it is going to be a picture of a "dressed" kimono manipulated into a background.
(yet unknown background).

Here is the combination I have narrow it down to.
- Help me make the final cut - wote for your favorite, here or at IG.

No. 1. Striped blue with zori

No. 2. Geometric with geta

No. 3. Striped blue with geta

søndag den 17. juni 2012

Kimono Jack DK 3. meeting

Well... I did it, went out alone in kimono, and it was ok.
I met a small group og Japanese tourist on the way, they found it very funny to come to Copehagen and se a Dane in kimono, funny in a nice way : )

Here is what I put on for the day, not my bedst kitsuke, got a little too stuffed, but I had to leave so no time for a second try. I like the contemporary touch of it.

lørdag den 16. juni 2012

Small things takes time

So tomorrow is the third Kimono Jack Denmark meeting, and I was going to "remake" a kimono into my size, but time seem to slip though my fingers, and it is still not sewn yet.

This seem to happen often, tooo often.

I have so many plans, but time seem to have a different schedule than me : )
or maybe I just not realistic.

Well, here is a fabric I have bought for an obi, hopefully made in near future ; D

mandag den 4. juni 2012

Komono enough

Some time ago I  won this boxed of mixed komono, very cheap, and I have been curious about the quality of the content since.
For a few days ago the box arrived, and it was way better than expected.

13 obi makura, 3 biagata, 8 obi-ita 1 kantan haneri, 6 eri-shin, 6 tabi`s, 9 Ko-rin
9 datejime velcro type, 20 datejime sash type, some silk datejime and a lot synthetic ones, 41 koshi himo, 3 koshi himo elastic ones, 3 Shingata obi makura, 4 obidome kanagu.
There was a lot of different stuff besides this, damm I feel so lucky.

If I have written names of the parts above wrong, please correct me.