mandag den 30. april 2012

Sakura Festival 2012

This is actually my first festival, but Denmark's fifth.

The weather was mixed and really wet and cold on Saturday, so the wool kimono I wore that day, was truly

The shawl is a gift from a friend of mine, whose aunt have knitted it, it fits perfectly into a kimono, since there are sleeves in.

 The second day, I participated in the kimono show, the clothes is my own, but styled for the show, there there 38 participants, and it was amassing to see how smooth it went with the dressing, make-up ect. it was organised really well.


It was so could that you could see your own breath.

Finally the sun came.

We had also had a kimono Jack meeting there : )

And one for the back...

An acquaintance of mine who also participated in the show

Here the hole group

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hi!

    Your shawl design perfectly matches kimono!
    No sleeves and long enough to cover obi.
    And pockets!

    You look great on both kimono and your kitsuke is neat. (kireidesu)


    1. Hi K

      I like that shawl too, enjoying the usability it has, due to the construction.

      Thanks Sekhet