søndag den 1. april 2012

Going retro - New stuf

God bargains on Yahoo Autions J...again....

And I got this Haori - only the Haori, but isent it beautiful.
The set is very nice too, but I behaved, which is quite simple, when one is 176cm and the kimono is 143cm, the obi was gorgeous but rather expensive.

From this is the seller

This is to small, but I need it for something else

Those old obis, are in a terrible state, but I like the style  lot, so I will see if can make something out of them.

Then I have bought a lot of fabric, which I look forward to change the kimonos in my own size


4 kommentarer:

  1. Gorgeous finds! I specially love the very first ensemble! Its so beautiful and iki!

    1. Thanks, as for the first ensemble, yes it is nice, I find it understated and playful, a nice combination.

  2. i'm just going to sneak in and hijack the purple yabane one

    1. Your welcome, to try, and if hijack part dose not succeed, I`ll invite you on a nice cup of coffee ; )