mandag den 23. januar 2012

New stuff bought in the larst treee months

Found this Tsukesage on YAJ, I was the only one, who bid : D. 
It should be 168cm long and 132 wide so I can fitt more or less ; )
It is rare I see a Tsukesage that I like, I often find the patterns a little fragmented, but I like the colors in this one and is super excited about how it really looks like, when it comes home

I allso got this Summer kimono, it is a little small, so this will be for a pair of jeans.

I bought this for $ 0.99 + shipping,I fell in love with the simplicity of the pattern, I have to re-sew it, to make it wider,  when it comes home

And this bundel I got today, again without any other bid - 3000 yen+ fees + shipping ect. but still it is CHEAP, maybe I missed something important in my translation of the text - Japanese to Danish. 

It is a mixture of Haori and kimonos, in my translation there should be several, which should be weareble.

If not else there will be a lot of nice materials for future projects

2 kommentarer:

  1. I love this first Tsukesage.
    Wow! You have so many wonderful kimono.
    They're really nice.

    1. Thanks for tour comment, yes the Tsukesage is fine, the colors and the flowers remind me of a fairytale, and thanks for your excellent description of the art of Yuzen "dyeing",
      - that was how I found your blog

      : )