søndag den 15. marts 2015

Kimonoshow and kitsuke at Jpop 2015 Copenhagen

Here is a pix from the Kimono show and Kitsuke at the Jpop 2015
You can se more at Kimono Klub Danmark blog.

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  1. Ah, looks great! :D
    Is this Jpopcon or is there another event with just the name Jpop? ^^" Sorry if this is a silly question but I'm curious since I have a Swedish friend who has been talking about Jpopcon and, at one point, we had plans to attend it together. I think she already was there recently too though. But I'm still curious about the event!

  2. Hi Shiro Samurai

    Did not see your comment, sorry.
    Yes it is the Jpopcon in Copenhagen, it is the bigges Con in Denmark, at at one point also the most expesive, since accomendation is a little expensive.

    Unfortunately I do not live so near by, otherwise your cluld sleep at my place for free.
    It is easely 1 1/2 hour by bus and train.