lørdag den 16. marts 2013

Collector for a girl ensemble

I am trying slowly to gather an ensemble of every formality and officiel stage in the life of kimono.

And here is the outer of my girl "almost " ensemble.

I been google the 3 years and the 7 years to reconice the different, and sometime it is not so easy.
Most kimono I see for 3 years old it listed as 92-98 cm mitake, and 132-135 cm mitake for 7 years old girls.

For eksampel I have this kimono ensemble:
The kimono is synthetic and 122 cm mitake
The zori is 20cm

When I look at it, I think small girl, but the zori fit a 7 years, so I am a little confused.

I have bought these two obi:

Then I have bought this one, Kimono 132 cm mitake.

Old child kimono, but to spottet to be worn

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