lørdag den 23. juni 2012

Testing kimono combination for flyer

In August I am a part of a small kimono show, and for that we are going to have a flyer made. On it is going to be a picture of a "dressed" kimono manipulated into a background.
(yet unknown background).

Here is the combination I have narrow it down to.
- Help me make the final cut - wote for your favorite, here or at IG.

No. 1. Striped blue with zori

No. 2. Geometric with geta

No. 3. Striped blue with geta

2 kommentarer:

  1. While both combinations are nice, for a flyer I'd take the second one. It's more colourful and as such most likely more appealing to the broad audience.

  2. Thanks for voting

    I have chosen the second one : )